How To Unlock A Android Phone Password Or Pattern Lock Easily

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Android is a very interesting and very interface and it has become very popular among mobile and gadget users been the operating system use now. The problem users face now is how to disable or unlock android phone password or pattern lock which has become common now.

diasble pattern lock for androidNo one is prefect so you meant have forgotten your android password or even pattern you used for the pattern lock, in this post, i will discuss about how you can unlock the android device that is already lock easily with some few easy tips, all you just have to do is to follow instructions and Bam!!! you are done.

unlock password lock on androidI try to make my tutorials easy and for readers to easily understand what am writing but if you have a problem, you can easily use the comment box and i will get to you as soon as possible :) .

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Steps On How to Unlock Android Pattern Lock Or Password

To get your pattern lock or password of your android device unlocked please follow the instructions well and am sure you will get what you are going to get your device unlocked without problem.

  1. First you will switch of your Android device.
  2. After switching of your android device, press your up volume button and Press It down.
  3. Now press the power button and hold it too along with the volume up button.
  4. It will start a secret terminal interface.
  5. Then press to use home button for scroll up and down.
  6. Then you will get to the choose option DELETE ALL USER DATA.
  7. Select the option and wait
  8. Your device will take some time but after it will restart and you will find out your android device has been unlocked.

By following these instructions above you will successfully unlock your android device.

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These above method will help you unlock your android phone which have been lock by password or even the popular pattern lock easily but NOTE by performing this method you will loose all your contacts and everything on your phone, everything will be back to default as you bought the android device. I hope you understand how to unlock Android Pattern lock and password easily.

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About Oluwadamilare Bakare

I am a student who is in love with technology and loves to talk about them and also show and learn some tricks and tips about these tech devices.I am Android User, internet addict and movie and games lover, you can find me on Facebook , Twitter and also on Google+ For questions, services and so on.


  1. Hey Oluwadamilare,

    Android always attracts me more than any other smart phones. But the screen lock sometimes create problem if we forget…

    So its really insightful of you to give a solution to that…

    But I have a question…when we are selecting ‘DELETE ALL USER DATA’ will any other settings of the phone be changed other than screen lock?

    Thanks for sharing the information and kindly answer my query before I can try this out..:)

  2. This post is good for anyone looking to sneak in someone’s android :D

  3. Thanks Bakare for sharing, i really admired your blog.

  4. I think there is a better way of bypassing android pattern lock if the apps locks out. My younger bro! Locked his phone and forgot the pattern he used totally. I had to use comand prompt with some series of codes to unlock it without resetting factory settings.

  5. Hi. I have salaxy s2. i forgot my patten lock for it. i use the phone as a tablet since i got a new phone so i have no mobile data on. i do not have wifi turned on. how can i bypass it witgout erasinbg all data.

  6. it is helpful for me

  7. Hello Oluwadamilare
    thanks for the post on unlocking the pattern lock. the procedure worked on my Huawei ascend y300 on trial basis pretty well but it didn’t work on Intex cloud x2 device. i never got any android reset menu on the latter. i switched the phone on with finger on volume + button .
    any advise or suggestions

  8. Andell Whyte says:

    thank u for the info. my android was down, but mow it is up and running because of your info. thank much.

  9. My Nigga watz up….can i get d cheat for subway surf unlimited coins?

  10. louis rockson says:

    i really want to reach u so if u can send me an email so we get to talk….really like what u are doing

  11. plsss how can i root my android tablet phone

  12. oluwadamilare says:

    i love this
    keep doing more God we help u to do more and more

  13. So is there another way to get in because my volume down button is broken.

  14. how to unlock citycall android mobile

  15. I recently got permanently locked out of my free sky android after too many incorrect pattern attempts. I’m currently at a screen that is requesting that I log in with my Gmail username and password. I haven’t logged into Gmail since I originally made the account, Since I knew for a fact that I wasn’t going to remember what the password was, I went onto my computer and changed the password. The new password is not being accepted which leads me to believe that it will only accept the password that was active when the phone was locked in the first place. i called the android company but they are telling me reset it through factory s and i can do that, it Because I have pictures and videos of my recent Prom and other precious documents on the phone, it makes it hard for me to accept a factory reset as my only option. Any help on this subject would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Plis. .i accidentally pressd d volume down button wiv d power on. .d fone z now stuck wiv a caution sign & sumfin lyk a robot on it…plis i dunno wah 2 do. M kinda scared..plz help!

  17. Monea Johnson says:

    Are you saying to switch “off” my andriod? Your instructions say “First you will switch of your Android device.
    After switching of your android device, press your up volume button and Press It down.” Im just trying to make sure Im doing this right. Im at a last resort with my phone and I have everything in my phone, I am really hurt that I would have to delete all of my texts, pictures, documents, etc. If you can come up with another way aside from factory reset, that would be wonderful!

  18. i hv a problem with my pattern of unlockin my andriod phone wht wil i do

  19. bakare,una too much…this ur trick jux work pafectly.. thank you bros

  20. Instead of coming up with the secret interface, the boot-in light was just blinking

  21. anonymous says:

    how do you select it?… i can scroll with my volume buttons but i dont know how too select. HELP.

  22. If u clear all users data will the phone be formatted?

  23. how can i reset the pattern lock password of my onda tab vi10? pls help

  24. i really love this you get me out of unlocked infact am very grateful for this post guy just try and put more effort God bless you man……………………..

  25. thanks alot brother.

  26. It’s really very Useful! Thanks

  27. great tutorial. Keep it on……. I love this site

  28. Thank you very much

  29. Does anyone know how to do the same on an iPhone?

  30. Hey I found this At&t Samsung.. It has a pattern code on it!! The only option I have is to Delete all of the stuff on the phone! It was a SD Card n it and it Had some Wedding and Engagement pics!! Is it any way I can get past the lock screen without deleting all of their Stuff

  31. I found this phone….and it has a lock pattern on it!! How can I Pass the lock screen to see what in the phone…or Who phone is it?

  32. thanks,from what u have written,i success to unlock my android

  33. Ashok ameta says:

    tell about the unlock android phone from simple ways

  34. sheikyogi says:

    My Samsung galaxy ace duos GT-S6802 model no also working your pattern unlock method

  35. chudyace says:

    no need to reset or flash your phone, just follow the few steps below:
    download n install sdk

    go to command prompt
    call up adb shell
    and type the following command

    Code to Reset Pattern:
    rm /data/system/gesture.key

    Code To Reset Password:
    rm /data/system/password.key

    by the way nice work @oluwadamilare


  37. HI,

    I have a datawind tab for which I have forgot the screenlock pattern. I hadn’t configured my gmail account on it as I had formatted it recently. Now I tried the steps from your post. But it did not work. When I press the volume up button and switch on the power button, it doesn’t come up at all. Can you please help me in unclocking my tab..

  38. hey Oluwadamilare..!
    i have galaxy nexus GT i9250.. i forgot my pattern. i want a question.. after deleting all data it can be recovered or not? because auto-backup is enabled in y phone ..plz solve my confusion ..!

  39. pls wen i hold d up volume button and the power button,it will boot normally and still ask me for my gmail username and password

  40. Hi,

    Did you end up getting a solution that works without having to delete all the data?

  41. Enoch King says:

    it worked like magic.
    will be glad if more updates and stuffs will be sent to my mail.
    thanks a lot and God bless you

  42. i cudn’t get it right plz help me out
    i m holding d volume key up as well as i m holding d power button but still not getting anything..
    plz help me out

  43. when I flow command adb file sistem but my android fon
    cannot cane-ct this software. why I do know? you can help me how can I solved my symphony too patten lock problem ?

  44. what if your phone does not turn off and reset itself after you do all the steps….

  45. tanks


    That’s Baba,the trick worked for my wife’s smart phone( injoo).Is amazing.Thanks once again.Take the good work up.


  48. Pls d robbot was just rotating on my screen. Like it dosn’t want to go. Can I remove d battery n insert it again ? Or wat can I do pls ? God bless

  49. well done

  50. please if the sdk is installed on your phone, and your pattern is blocked is there any way you can access the sdk application to be able to unlock your locked pattern without deleting your folders and important files on the phone? please help.

  51. nice toturial, i works on my friend phone,

  52. thanks worked lyke a charm i wil give my pals this website

  53. Horlahmideh says:

    U re d best. Am grateful. It rili work

  54. can i removed my memorry card and my sims?

  55. Yes, you have to!

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