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How To ON And OFF Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode

Samsung Galaxy S4 is great phone device which has a very important feature which is the “Safe Mode“, This is a very important the Samsung galaxy S4 safe mode to the operation of the device but the users don’t know what the safe mode is for and how to “on or off” the safe mode. In this post am going to explain why safe mode is important feature in the Samsung Galaxy S4 device and how to get it on and off on your S4

samsung galaxy s4 safe mode steps

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What Is Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode ?

The safe mode is a different mode of the device which is completely safe and you can securely uninstall applications, remove bugs. it just a mode that is best and secure for troubleshooting. Like in when you notice a application is messing up and you can not uninstall it normally just switch to Samsung Galaxy S4 safe mode and it will be very easy for you to uninstall it without harming your device.

Now that I have explained this safe mode for samsung galaxy s4 and you understand the usefulness but how to you access or ON safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S4?

How To ON Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode

Below are steps, easy steps that can help you Turn On your safe mode for your S4 device. So please kindly follow the steps to the detail. Thanks

Step 1

Switch Off your Samsung Galaxy S4 completely

Step 2

Power it ON Again

Step 3

while booting continuously keep pressing the left button beside the home button.

Step 4

Continue to press it still the boot is completed and you can see the home screen

And you are done!! your Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode is on. to be sure of this look at the down left side of your screen, you will find the Safe mode written there.

So now you can head over to the the application manager and uninstall the unnecessary troublesome applications easily without any issues.

After you have done so, how do off the safe mode and go back to the normal Samsung Galaxy S4?

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How To Off The Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode

After you have completed what you wanted to do, just Switch of your phone and let it restart itself and it back to normal. As simple as that.

restart samsung galaxy s3So now once you have done so, the safe mode will be out of your Samsung Galaxy S4, as easy as that. now you can easy switch to your Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe mode On and Off easily. I hope you understood the post.

16 Responses to “How To ON And OFF Samsung Galaxy S4 Safe Mode”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    Hi bro,
    To be sincere with you, coming to your blog brings in a lot of dreams.

    I intend having a Galaxy S4 and that is of course part of my dreams.

    I hope I have learnt how to put it off on safe mode but the application is in my dream. Hahaha!

  2. Samir says:


    Great post, My brother owns a samsung galaxy s4 and I found this posts very useful for him to use safe mode.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hadji says:

    Hello Bro, my Samsung S4 went on Safe Mode (Itself)and I can’t seems to turn off the safe mode. I want it back to the other screen, I tried restarting, but that didn’t work. Any help??

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  5. Anil says:

    hI I HAVE BOUGHT S4 PHONE 3 days before.. now i see phone is heating up very frequenlty even if i am talking for 3 minutes. can you please let us know the solution

    • I have a samsung galaxy s4 too, i have notice the heat and i will see what i can do about it but I also notice that its only when you run heavy apps on it that it heats up

      • Anil says:

        yah.. i am not using any apps as it is a new phone. But i observed the phone is heating up in 3 to 4 mins during the call… Also i checked withtheother s4 phone and there was no heat after 3 to 4 mins of talk.

        Please sugguest

    • A M Nisar says:

      Anil plz stop sync and will get better performance reagarding heating.

  6. Isabella says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH this helped A LOT ! :)

  7. robin says:

    my samsung galaxy s4 says no command and wont come on what to do

  8. olivia says:

    My galaxy s4 has the safe mode on it. And I have tried the directions up top and it did not do any thing it’s still on there.

  9. Albert Isaac says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 Model 19500
    Unable to get to SAFE MODE.
    Tried all the ropes such as switch off and holding the down button of volume key continuously from the start of SAMSUNG Logo to booting up. It does not work.
    Also tried to remove battery and put it back and even that too did not work

    Have tried to power off the device and switch it on again while continuously pressing the button next to home button and yet it does not work to get into SAFE MODE.

    Please guide me

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