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BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 Data Plan Prices And Codes For Airtel, MTN, Etisalat And GLO

The new series of BlackBerry such as Z10, Q10 and Q5 and  more to come uses data plan instead of the popular BIS that most users know, So if you are using any of these devices you can subscribe for the former BIS but instead you will need to subscribe for data bundles. Now there are special bundles for BlackBerry Z10,Q10 and Q5 users for Glo, MTN, Airtel and Etisalat.

BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5

So if you are using any of this new blackberry device quickly look for your mobile network below and select a data plan that is suitable to you and use for your ping and the rest. Also note that other data subscription will work but this ones below are much more cheaper and are created for the set of Blackberry phones

Purchase your own BlackBerry Q10 and Z10

Various Networks Data Plan Codes And prices For BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5


MTN Subscription Code And Price For BlackBerry 10

mtn data code for z10, q10,q5So if you are using the MTN network in Nigeria for your blackberry phones then check out the bundles and pick the one that is more comfortable for you and that will also fit your need. Here are MTN Codes and Prices for data plan for blackberry Z10 and others

s/n Plans Validity Data Cost USSD Code SMS Code
1 BB10 MAXI Monthly 1.5GB NGN3,000 *216*15# BBMAXIM
2 BB10 MAXI Weekly 350MB NGN1,100 *216*14# BBMAXIW
3 BB10 MAXI Daily 50MB NGN200 *216*13# BBMAXID
4 BB10 MIDI Monthly 500MB NGN1,500 *216*12# BBMIDIM
5 BB10 MIDI Weekly 125MB NGN550 *216*11# BBMIDIW
6 BB10 MIDI Daily 15 MB NGN100 *216*10# BBMIDID
7 BB10 Lite Monthly 260MB NGN1,000 *216*9# BBLITEM
8 BB10 lite Weekly 70MB NGN350 *216*8# BBLITEW
9 BB10 lite Daily 10MB NGN70 *216*7# BBLITED

GLO Data Plan Bundles Codes and Prices For Blackberry Z10, Q10 And Q5

Gl data code for z10, q10,q5

When you have selected the data plan you want send the keyword to 777 to subscribe for Glo users only.

Category Package COST (N) Data





1.5 GB




350 MB





500 MB




100 MB





200 MB




50 MB



Airtel Nigeria Data Plan Codes and Prices For BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

Airtel data code for z10, q10,q5So if you are using Airtel Nigeria, this are the subscription codes for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

SMS Code
BB10 Max – Month
30 days
3000 Naira
BB10 Max – Week
7 days
1050 Naira
BB10 Max – Daily
24 hours
200 Naira
BB10 Midi – Month
30 days
1500 Naira
BB10 Midi – Week
7 days
525 Naira
BB10 Midi – Daily
24 hours
100 Naira
BB10 Lite – Month
30 days
1000 Naira
BB10 Lite – Week
7 days
350 Naira
BB10 Lite – Daily
24 Hours
70 Naira

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plan Codes And Prices for BlackBerry Z10, Q10 and Q5

Etisalat data code for z10, q10,q5
So if you are using Etisalat, here are the codes and the prices, you can scan through and select which is better for you to use and pay for.
s/n BB 10 Monthly Plans Data Bundles Price Opt in Code USSD Opt in Code SMS
1 BB10 Lite 200MB 1,000 *599*2# SMS MLite to 399
2 BB10 Mid 360MB 2,000 *599*3# SMS MMid to 399
3 BB10 Max 1GB 3,000 *599*4# SMS MMax to 399
4 BB10 MaxPlus 1.5GB 4,000 *599*1# SMS MPlus to 399


s/n BB10 Weekly Plans Data Bundles Price Opt in Code USSD Opt in Code SMS
1 BB10 Lite 85MB 850 *599*2*1# SMS WLite to 399
2 BB10 Mid 200MB 1000 *599*3*1# SMS WMid to 399
3 BB10 Max 500MB 1,500 *599*8# SMS WMax to 399
Those above are the various codes and prices to subscribe for blackberry Z10 Q10 and Q5 on Nigerians Networks such as MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat. So Scan through and pick which one is better for you

21 Responses to “BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Q5 Data Plan Prices And Codes For Airtel, MTN, Etisalat And GLO”

  1. Omotayo DPNG says:

    I could do nothing but just say Thanks to you. You have help me to simplify my work – comparing of Data Plans Nigeria. Thanks. Now, I am able to get the best data plan that suit me. More grease to your elbow.

  2. samuel says:

    I suscribe for my bbz10 but I was unable 2 use it. Pls Is dere any solution 2 it

  3. Cent says:

    Lol interesting so i av to spend 3k for my z10 ? Interesting

  4. stephen says:

    Abi oooo all these network providers how can someone pay a wooping some of 3000 for just 1.5gig when BBC is 1000 for 3 gig also. Besides they almost wreck the use of Android device in the country now they have faced BlackBerry 10. It’s a shame to see glo in this line

  5. Thank you for this great compilation. One has to bookmark it for future references.

  6. Esau says:

    pls i subscribe for 1,500 for 1 month of 500mb, but it finished. But aspiration date is still running. pls i need your kind advice.
    Thank you

  7. omelaja dare says:

    pls . i want to knw whehter i can use bis on my q5

  8. omelaja dare says:

    am usin etisalat pls reply me

  9. omelaja says:

    pls wot can i do ? help me out

  10. Snakeboy says:

    This omelaja guy dull sha! Boys for 9ja still dull ilke this? Omelaja you can’t use bis on Q5 why? First you need to know the meaning of Bis then also the meaning on “BlackBerry Q5″ then come back and ask ur question again

  11. FreeLancer says:

    You can use BIS on ur BB10 @omelaja. But only wit glo mobile network!

  12. ado ahmad bbd says:

    Im us golo network
    Blackberry 10 is good

  13. kehinde says:

    is possible for me to use bis on my q10? pls how? @freelacer

  14. ade ade says:

    nice write up

  15. Snakeboy says:

    You can use blackberry Internet subscription on blackberry fones ooooo. Blackberry Q5 Q10000 Z2000 M4000 any blackberry ooo. That’s why it’s called BIS meaning blackberry internet service oooooooo. Nigerians and yeye questions

  16. Archangel says:

    Snakeboy I hail, it’s not as if Niger guys na Ode cuz I called customer care of MTN n dey told me I can’t use bis on my BlackBerry Q5. Xo if u are sure someone can use it, confirm for us cuz it’s de issue of mb dat made me ran away from andriod. Tnx broo.

  17. Collins says:

    Pls I just bought blackberry z10 can I use normal complete etisalat plan for 1000=3gig. Pls I need urgent reply

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