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How To Enable And Disable Safe Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3

For those who are using Samsung Galaxy S3 are wondering what is “Safe Mode” and what is the importance. You must have heard of Safe mode in windows as these helps your computer to boot in a minimum source as it will help you safely remove applications from your computer or repair or even restore all these are possible in windows safe mode. Android phones also have safe mode but first let us get to understand the android safe mode.

Samsung Galaxy S3

What Is Samsung Galaxy S3 Safe Mode ?

Safe Mode for Samsung Galaxy S3 allow your phone to boot with only the default apps that came with the phone and no downloaded app or installed app from the android market can be found showing in the phone in safe mode. In safe mode you will be able to access the Application manager and be able to uninstall applications which might be causing problems or causing the samsung galaxy s3 to have problem in a safe way or a safe mode as we call it.

Now we all know the importance of this safe mode to your phone but how to do access the safe mode?

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How To Enable Safe Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3

kindly follow the steps to to be able to access the safe mode of samsung galaxy S3

Step 1:

Kindly switch off your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 2:

Press the power button down until the samsung logo shows then release, while the logo is still showing press the down volume button

enable Safe mode on samsung galaxy

Step 3:

Hold the down volume button until the Safe mode appears at the left bottom of the screen, sometimes it can take up to 50 seconds for it to show up.

android safe mode

After doing all the above steps successfully you can now go about your uninstalling application business or what you want to do. When you are done and you want to exit the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3

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How To Disable Or Exit The Samsung Galaxy S3 Safe Mode

Step 1:

Hold down the power Button

switch off samsung galaxy

Step 2:

And then select restart.

restart samsung galaxy s3

After doing this the safe mode will be out and your phone will boot normally and you have disable the Samsung Galaxy S3 safe mode successfully. So now you can now enable and disable android safe mode.

22 Responses to “How To Enable And Disable Safe Mode On Samsung Galaxy S3”

  1. I love PC safe mode indeed when am having issue with power source but I haven’t try the one Samsung Galaxy S3, but hopefully this tutorial will definitely solve the whole issue.

  2. Brent says:

    maybe I did something wrong but I was just trying to disable safe mode. I don’t know how I enabled it in the first place. Please help me .

  3. amy says:

    Ok a few days ago I woke up to my phone in safe mode I have followed allllllllll procedures possibly ever typed in Google yet my volume button dose not work and it sometimes by its self goes up and down so wild that be the reason I can not exit safe mode please help me I have only had this galaxy s3 4 days and the second day is when this occurred also will it keep me from getting on the web outside of WiFi ?

  4. amyc113ac says:

    See thats what I’m trying to tell u I know how to take it out of safe mode but it will not come out of safe mode bizarre but I have heard one of the reasons it enables is possibilty of stuck buttons and my volume down button does not work and it pops up on ybe score time an Time again by itself turning ip an down … :(

    • okay, maybe you should take it to a technician and repair those buttons with the fault

      • Katie says:


        I did an uodate on my Samsung Galaxy S3 on Saturday and it has not turned on or worked since then! I have tried everything. Taking the battery out, trying to start it in safe mode but it won’t let me. I can get it to download mode but does nothing from there. It starts up to where the Samusung logo comes up then shuts off and keeps restarting but that is it. Please help!!! Thank you so much!

  5. greadmartin says:

    nice info,,,,, i like this posting, thank’s

  6. chamu vareta says:

    it worked for me remove batrry switch on whilst holding home button

  7. jL says:

    I don’t know how my phone got on safe mode, but this tutorial worked perfect to get if off. THANKS!

  8. hugh says:

    it worked for me holding start button at same time as touching restart to exit safe mode

  9. Die-BAAS says:

    Somthing I noticed but haven’t gotten further into is when the Samsung Galaxy GT-I9300 (better known as the “Samsung Galaxy S III”),is when the phone is off,when you start up the phone and hold the home button and up volume key in with the power button,it takes you to system recovery mode,from there it gives you the following options
    “Reboot now”
    “Apply update from ADB”
    “Apply update from external storage”
    “Wipe data/factory reset”
    “Wipe cache partition”
    “Apply update from cache”

    But like I said,I haven’t went further into it so it’s all I know about that but I think it should help some people having minor issuse with their S3 device’s,yet another I managed to stumble upon is basically the same steps to follow but instead of holding down the up volume key,hold down the “DOWN VOLUME KEY” , “POWER BUTTON” AND “HOME BUTTON” at the same time,this will then take you to the,witch I like to call the “Custom OS Download Options Menu”,but as far as I know,a custom “OS” can only be installed frome your pc or somthing in this line,but like I said in the beginning of my post,I haven’t mannaged to go into it further then that witch I know in my post but hopefully,this would help some of you out there,having a hard time with your device,and please do leave a comment if it helped or if you mannaged to go ito it further…

  10. Randy Todd says:

    How to disable safe mode

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