Best Apps To Download Free Movies For Android

When it comes movies; everyone is interested and also android users want to know how to download free movies for android easily without problem and in this post am going to share how to download movies for android free and easily.

These as been difficult for a while but now due to some apps and site you can now download and watch movies on your android phone or tablets for free. there some awesome movie apps which allow you watch movies on your android phone and also allow you to download free movies for android so all you have to do is install them and you are free to watch and also download. [Continue reading]

How To Download Youtube Videos On Android Easily

how to download youtube videos on android

Many reason have lead to this question, how to download Youtube videos on android ? this question was popular asked by android users who really need a solution to the problem, we know Youtube does not encourage downloading of videos from their site, … [Continue reading]

Error 0×80070002 – 0×20009 Windows 8.1 Update Solved

Solved - Error 0x80070002 - 0x20009 Windows 8.1 update

Updating  windows 8.1 update has be difficult from some users who try to upgrade their windows from Window store, when trying to upgrade from the window store the computer or laptop after some boots will get a error message "Couldn't update to … [Continue reading]

How To Install Apps With .deb Files To Your iPhone Using i-FunBox

install .deb apps on iPhones

Many apps which you must have downloaded with the .deb extension will not install on your iphone and you don't understand why the apps won't just install, in this post am going to show you how to install the apps with the .deb extension easily using … [Continue reading]

How To Install Windows 8.1 Update 1 Manually By Yourself

how to install windows 8.1 update 1 manually

Most of us have enjoyed the windows 8.1 after the release of windows 8 but now there is windows 8.1 update 1 which means those on windows 8.1 can upgrade to windows 8.1 update 1 easily, this post we will be looking at how to install windows 8.1 … [Continue reading]

How To Root Tecno Phantom A3 (M9) Easily

how to root tecno phantom a3

Do you owe a Tecno Phantom A3? or do you want to root your Tecno Phantom A3? then you should read this post as it explains how to root your A3 device under minutes all by yourself, as we all know that rooting gives you super-user permission on your … [Continue reading]

Tips For Maintaining Your Laptop Battery Life

how to improve your battery life

Most laptops have good batteries and such batteries have long life and also last long when in use but this normally depend on how we use the battery. Yes, the manufacturer made it but you are to maintain it, you don't expect to buy a car and don't … [Continue reading]

KAYMU Launches Affiliate Program So You Too Can Make Money


KAYMU one of Nigeria best shopping website has now releases affiliate program which is a good news for bloggers, website owners and even individual (you don’t actually need a website to make money with this program. Kaymu which brought a … [Continue reading]

How To Enable And Disable Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy Note 2

safe mode on samsung galaxy note 2

Samsung Galaxy has created a Safe Mode in  Samsung Galaxy note 2 where users can easily uninstall some apps without causing any problems to device, it just like a safe zone but how do we enable safe mode when we need it and also disable safe mode … [Continue reading]

How To Turn ON And OFF Safe Mode In Samsung Galaxy S5

how to enter and exit safe mode in S5

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the latest device in the market now and small tips should be taught like how to enter the safe mode in Samsung Galaxy S5 and also how to exit the safe mode. Know how to access the safe mode feature is very essential … [Continue reading]