Internet Download Manager For Android Devices Plus Another

Internet download manager is a very popular computer download manager available in the computer sector but recently i found out this amazing download manager is available for android and it sounded awesome because anyone who has used internet download manager also known as IDM on computer will testify about its speed and it great feature it gives their users and imagine all this in an android device :o the download speed will just be superb. Internet download manager for android has gained some Read more [...]

Download Videos From Facebook Using Amazing Methods

how to download videos from facebook eaily

A lot of us have different reasons why we will like to download videos from facebook some can say “I don’t like facebook video player” or “I don’t like streaming videos from facebook” or still “I will like to have the video so I can watch it again” … [Continue reading]

How To Successful Unlock Hauwei E173u-1 Modem for Free

Huawei-E173U modem

Many of you will be wondering that the tends of the topics of unlocking modem are in the past which I agree until a friend of mine came to meet me to actually help him unlock his Hauwei E173 modem for him and asked me "how much will it cost me" I was … [Continue reading]

How To Easily Root Nokia X, X+ And XL By Yourself

how to root nokia x, x+, xl

If you have not heard, Nokia has a android phone collection which are the Nokia X, XL, X+ they are quite cool and colourful :) still surprised Nokia did the android phones tho. But to my surprised it not up to a month that the phone was released that … [Continue reading]

Best Playstation 4 Games You Should Have Or Know

Top best playstation 4 games

Playstation 4 has indeed  been the talk of the gamers world since it was launched in November 2013, games are available for the mighty console but you also need to know the best playstation 4 games that are available in the stores, I certainly know … [Continue reading]

Spectranet, Swift And Smile 4G LTE Plans And Prices In Nigeria

4g network plans and price in nigeria

It is not new news that 4G LTE network are now available in Nigeria though they are not available all over Nigeria but in due time it will spread as fast as anything. 4G as it is called is far more than the 3G we shout about and also far faster Edge … [Continue reading]

5 Things We Do That Destroys Our Phone Battery

dead battery, you spoilt it

All we see in the internet is just telling us on how to make our battery last longer but have you ever figured it out if you are the one destroying your phone battery? Yea.. you must be surprised, don’t because it true. Some of us are just battery … [Continue reading]

5 Important Laptop Maintenance Tips You Must Know

laptop maintenance tips

Owning a laptop is really a good feeling but loosing one with all your importance files comes the sad part and can even make you burst out in tears because of what you have lost. Most of us neglect some important maintenance action which we should … [Continue reading]

How To Unlock Pattern Lock Or Password On Android Without Losing Data

unlock pattern lock or password without data loss

Losing data is one of the things one should try to avoid. Recently have been receiving comments and messages asking of how to unlock pattern lock or password without losing data on the android mobile because I have written a post on how to bypass or … [Continue reading]

How To Minimize Data Usage On Android Phones And Tablets

how to minimize android data

Android devices are know for their data consuming mouth and most users especially the new users into the android world normally freak out when they experience this problem on their device, so in this post am going to be showing you ways which you can … [Continue reading]