How To Enable And Disable Safe Mode On Galaxy Note 4

I normal write a lot about Samsung phones safe modes and in this post we are going to discuss on how to enable and disable Safe mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.

We know what safe mode is all about and if you don’t then let me try and give you a summary of what Safe Mode is for.
Safe Mode is a safe zone where you can easily uninstall buggy apps or applications that are affecting your smartphone without any issues or damage during the process. Sometimes we find out that we can’t uninstall some app normally but through safe mode you can without issues. [Continue reading]

List And Prices Of Innjoo Android Phones In Nigeria


Innjoo is a new mobile manufacturer that just came to Nigeria just like how Tecno Phones did too, Innjoo are providing cheap mobile phone for Nigeria which as lots of features and loaded with some serious hardware for a very cheap prices, though the … [Continue reading]

8 Best Sites To Watch Free Movies Online

free movie streaming sites

Watching free movies online is really a hot topic on the internet and streaming it the right way matters and pays more than streaming movies online illegally, there are many sites that allow you watch and stream movies for free and you don't need to … [Continue reading]

Simple Tips To Make Your Android Tablet Faster

how to speed uo your android tablet

Having a slow tablet or anything device is not really fun and exciting as it suppose to be that why am writing on tips to make android Tablet faster and better and bring back that old fun you normally have when you first bought the android Tablet, … [Continue reading]

How To Transfer Contacts from Android To iPhone 6 Or iPhone 6 Plus

transfer contacts from android to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus is one of the mobile which was release around September has become one of the trending mobiles in the industry and this has cause changes across the mobile users, some are moving from android to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus  and … [Continue reading]

Airtel Android Data Plan Gives 4GB for 2k and 9GB for 3.5k

Airtel data plan, activation codes and prices of the data plans

Airtel Releases another cool plan, the Airtel Android Data Plan that give android users hope of getting a cheaper plans as one can buy 4GB of data for N2,000 and also 9GB for N3,500 and that not all Airtel has for you. This data plans last for … [Continue reading]

How To Sign Out From Google Play Store in Android Phone Or Tablet

How to sign out of Google play Store

Almost everyone uses android now and you will feel this post is so simple but some people actually have issues on how to sign out from Google play store , I was going through some question sites and I actually saw some question been asked on how to … [Continue reading]

Best Mp3 Downloader For Android For Music Lovers

best mp3 downloader app for android

When you are a music lover and all you do is simply download mp3 tracks, then looking for a faster and quick access to music mp3 is what you need, The best MP3 downloader for android is what you should consider, you must be thinking why I moved … [Continue reading]

Etisalat Nigeria Data Plans And Subscription Codes

etisalat data plans and also activation codes with prices of each plan

Etisalat which is another good internet provider in Nigeria, so if you are thinking of going to Etisalat data plan you will need to know the subscription codes or activiation codes of such data plan and also the prices of the data plans. So if you … [Continue reading]

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans And Subscription Codes

Airtel data plan, activation codes and prices of the data plans

Airtel is which another popular telecommunication company in Nigeria, they have various data plans also different activation codes for their different plans, so knowing Airtel data plans and the prices of each plan is very important. Airtel of … [Continue reading]