The Future of Ecommerce in Nigeria

Ecommerce in simple terms refers to trading of products and/or services on the Internet. In most developed countries of the world, we have seen a great deal of investment in this sector as well as tremendous success recorded by them. Just a few years ago in Nigeria, the word ‘Ecommerce’ formally made its way into our lexicon as well as our economy. Just under a few years of its entry, we have quite a number of Ecommerce companies: Online Shopping Sites, Deals Sites, Classifieds, Ads Companies, and a whole lot of them. We have also witnessed huge foreign investments in this sector which has contributed immensely to its pacey growth. [Continue reading]

How To Change Netflix Password Easily

change netflix password

Many people have been asking and sending mails of Netflix Password Issue, so if you want to change Netflix password due to different personal issues known by you, In this short tutorial I will show you how to easily change Netflix password without … [Continue reading]

How To Enable And Disable HTC ONE Safe Mode

htc one safe mode

Accessing your HTC One safe mode is very different from the normal booting you know about, there are many use of knowing how to access your android mobile safe mode and if you are using a HTC One, then this tutorial is for you then. I found out some … [Continue reading]

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S5 Easily

how to hard reset samsung galaxy s5

There are many reason why you may want to hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone or any other mobile device for that matter, because hard reset has been a quick solution to some problem that we normally encounter on mobile devices such as virus, … [Continue reading]

How To Screenshot On Galaxy S5 Without Any Apps

taking screenshot on galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy S5 the latest model from the Galaxy series and they mobile device has shown great promise and that why am writing this post on how to screenshot on galaxy S5 because the galaxy S5 have received great sales and users are beginning to … [Continue reading]

How To Screenshot On Galaxy S4 Easily And Quickly

how to screenshot on galaxy s4 using buttons

Knowing how to screenshot on Galaxy S4 is very important as it is one of the necessary things of having a smartphone, for that reason Samsung did a inbuilt way of how to take screenshot on your Galaxy S4 easily and even fast so you don't need a third … [Continue reading]

How To Remove Write Protection From A Memory Card

remove write protection on your memory card

I personally have faced this problem and this led me to do looking of a solution of removing write of protection from a memory card, which means you can only copy files and document into the memory card but you can not delete files or format the card … [Continue reading]

How To Subscribe For Airtel New Data Plans For Android Users

Airtel data code for z10, q10,q5

Some of you Nigerian Android users must be aware of the mass petition which was fowarded to the NCC about data plans for android and how network and data providers should help in reducing the cost of acquiring data for their android device instead of … [Continue reading]

Best Apps To Download Free Movies For Android

how to download free movies on android

When it comes movies; everyone is interested and also android users want to know how to download free movies for android easily without problem and in this post am going to share how to download movies for android free and easily. These as been … [Continue reading]

How To Download Youtube Videos On Android Easily

how to download youtube videos on android

Many reason have lead to this question, how to download Youtube videos on android ? this question was popular asked by android users who really need a solution to the problem, we know Youtube does not encourage downloading of videos from their site, … [Continue reading]