How To Format Galaxy S4 : Two Easy Methods

The Samsung Galaxy S4 may be a few years old now, but has all the firepower to take on even the latest android devices. However, even the fastest cars need an oil change once in a while, which is why learning how to format Galaxy S4 is always a good idea. When you format Galaxy

Android Alarm Clock Tutorial: Alarm Made Easy

For most us, waking up to the sound of a buzzing box alarm clock seems as ancient as the dial-up internet connection. Saving you space on your night, every single smartphone comes equipped with an alarm clock. If you aren’t tech-savvy or have never owned an Android phone in your entire life, something as simple

WordPress vs SilverStripe – Which is the Best?

CMS battles are nothing new.  In our wordpress vs silverstripe comparison, we’re going to look at what both platforms have to offer as well as their strengths and  weaknesses.  Before we dig in, let’s take a cursory look at each CMS. WordPress – quick overview Frankly, WordPress needs no introduction. We can say it’s the

How to Update Emojis on iPhone 6

Emojis have evolved from being quirky smiley faces to a revolutionary way of communicating on social media and instant messaging. Apple has always kept up with the latest Emojis, and the iOS 9.1 update offers you a great way on how to update Emojis on iPhone 6. The good news is that you don’t need

How to Download Cydia on iPhone 4 – Simple Jailbreak Tutorial

Ever since the iPhone rolled out back in 2007, developers have been obsessed with unlocking the complete potential of Apple’s flagship smartphone. Cydia is the ultimate jailbreak app that enables you to customize almost every single feature of your iPhone. To help you get up to speed, here is a detailed tutorial on how to

How to Download ShowBox (MovieBox) for iPhone

iPhone and iPad users who want to watch free movies and TV shows on their devices have a limited number of options and almost none that comes free of cost. While there are a few options available for jailbroken iPhone users, ShowBox is the only free alternative to watching your favorite content for free. Show

How to Root ZTE Max Phone

Chances are you have a zte zinger or any phone in the zte z series that’s not doing as much you’d want. Well, don’t worry.  In this article, we’re going to show you how to root zte zmax as well as zte zinger, zte970, zte z730, and zte v768. The steps are fairly simply and

Error 3194 : Fix for Windows and Mac Solution

Error 3194 : Fix for Windows and Mac Solution : Error 3194 happens when you are trying to update or downgrade your iDevices using iTunes . The error is related to the hosts file on your computer. This error can happen for both the Mac and Windows. See also: Fix Error 1669 when restoring iPhone without

Virtual Reality: Enter A 3D Man-Made World

Virtual Reality: Enter A 3D Man-Made World : Virtual Reality (VR) is defined as a three-dimensional artificial environment wholly created by optics and special software to make the user experience a man-made interactive world.  In order for VR to work, the user must wear a special headgear and other virtual reality peripherals, like gloves and

LeadPages vs OptimizePress – Which is Superior?

Leadpages and Optimize Press are two of the biggest players in the landing/sales page builders industry. Both have nifty-features, different styles, and significant number of users behind them. You might be wondering, which is the best for me? In our Leadpages vs optimize press comparison, we’ll take you through the features, strengths, and weakness of